The Trust has been set up in memory of Susan Peaple a gifted teacher and champion of special children and young people who died in July 2019. A  remarkable person.

The Trust, from the outset, has been designed to enable seed funding for small scale Community projects with the empowerment of the individual at its centre. In our opinion small is both beautiful – and  more effective. We do not envisage concentrating on a specific geographical area, but the problems of rural isolation are noted, along with funding shortages in both rural and urban  settings. In the  right hands a small contribution will go a long way.

How to do this? There are a number of approaches listed below, but at their heart will be the needs of families. This site will include a members’ section for information exchange to get to the best routes for empowerment.

When you have met a person on the autistic spectrum, you have met a person on the autistic spectrum‘.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and any such approach would be counterproductive. To approach the many individual solutions, the Trust aims to develop through;

  • Listening to need
  • Trustees who will decide upon projects to support at least twice a year
  • Expert ‘members’ who will contribute to individual best practice by putting forward suitable areas for consideration
  • A funding stream which envisages  contribution to a maximum of £250 per project, subject to review.
  • Support for pre-existing organisations in the field e.g. for existing telephone support lines
  • Encouragement of awareness through provision of bursaries for relevant teacher courses and qualifications
  •  Contact via email, social media, telephone, post or message via the Members’ area..
  •  The Trust will depend upon Donation whether from individuals, families, community associations, corporate bodies, other Charitable Trusts…
  • Trustees and Members  who agree to donate their services at no expense to the Trust.








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