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We love parent comments. How to send a comment? Probably easiest via The Sue Peaple Trust Facebook site or contact email. There is also a secure ‘comments’ section on the site.

I live in Switzerland but I’ve shared the website with some of my friends in the UK who either have autistic kids or are otherwise able to make a difference. I really like the ideas you have, everything that’s about more than autistic children being taught to ‘seem normal’ and fitting in with the rat race is VERY welcome. Most funding available for support can be quite disabling so having something focusing on empowerment is wonderful!”   EBS 

This has parents very interested – and our paediatricians.

Autism Little Learners 

The author writes ‘Here is full list of the COVID-19 related stories I have written. You can find them all for free on my website.’ A fuller version can be found on our Facebook page or the Autism Little Learners page. Feedback would be very welcome. 

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